We belive the best experience always wins

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We are the professional hotel& restaurant kitchen equipment supplier located in Guangzhou China Since 1995. Our Selling range is almost covering all the catering equipment filed, including the food processing, bakery, western cooking, commercial refrigeration, and other equipment related to the kitchen.

OK, may many friends will ask, are you manufacturer or trading company? For this question, I think the answer is not so important, no matter who I am, what you care most important: “ best quality, advantage price, professional solution and intimate service” , we can reach, that is the point.

Sure, we have factory for producing and professional team for selling. We can do from the technical guidance to quality control, container loading, customs clearance, logistics and after-sales service. What you need to do, what is the result you want, just let us know. Our team wold work all the related things for you in China, Even after you receive the goods, our service will never stop.

Through protracted and unremitting efforts, our customers are throughout all over the world. They are Not only business relationship, more of friends, like family member, to help each other and go forward together. Hope you can be the next one!